Terms & Conditions


In order to formally book training dates with SagePresence, dates must be agreed upon, and a Letter of Agreement (LOA) signed. For training programs or group work scheduled over 30 days in advance a $1,000 non-refundable down payment for each day booked is also required to secure dates. The down payment will be applied as a credit on the final invoice.

Reserving Dates

While details and contracting are being finalized, clients may request to reserve dates on the SagePresence schedule. Depending on the situation, there are two different types of reservations that may be used. Each type of reservation has a limited duration (see the table below), at the end of which, SagePresence may release the hold and make the dates available to others.

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  • HOLD—A HOLD is used when dates and times of the proposed work are known and relatively secure. The client may reserve one set of dates with a HOLD, during this time SagePresence will reserve the resources and time needed to fulfill the proposed work.

  • TENTATIVE—A TENTATIVE reservation is used when dates and times of the proposed work are not yet secure, such as if a client is checking potential dates with key stakeholders. The client may reserve up to two potential sets of dates for the proposed work as TENTATIVE.

If SagePresence receives other requests for held dates, the holding client may be contacted to determine if the dates can be made available.

Rescheduling & Cancellation

Once an LOA has been sent to the client, our rescheduling and cancellation policies goes into effect. See below for the policy based on the type of engagement (click on the image to view at full size):

Training & Training-related Coaching

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Presentation, Private Coaching & Interview Prep

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Travel Policy

When travel is required, SagePresence will follow the most current SagePresence Travel Policy unless otherwise specified by the client. The full policy can be read here.