Winning AEC Interviews

Winning AEC Interviews


You’re on the shortlist! Now what?

Your prospect knows your team looks good on paper, but is the team ready for the Selection Committee? In Winning AEC Interviews, Dean Lincoln Hyers and Pete Machalek of SagePresence help optimize your chances of winning over even the most challenging decision-makers. With relatable stories and practical tips, they show how everyone on the team—even those most uncomfortable with the concept of “selling” and presenting—can rise to the challenge of representing your firm with a confident presence that wins.

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To win, your team needs to know what to say and how to say it with confidence and conviction, how to connect with the Selection Committee, and how to deliver your message with dynamism and authenticity.

In this new book, Dean Hyers and Pete Machalek, founders of SagePresence, share their 15+ years of expertise coaching Architects, Engineers, and Construction professionals to over $4 billion worth of winning competitive interviews.

Winning AEC Interviews gives you effective and actionable insights to get more from your teams, including:

  1. A strategy to win

  2. An approach to bring your strategy to life

  3. Personal ownership in every team member

  4. Teamwide readiness to step up powerfully in the interview

With relatable stories and practical tips, Winning AEC Interviews provides you with valuable insight to develop your team’s ability to represent you with confident presence.

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