When the win is crucial, SagePresence is your coach.

With expert communication experience, SagePresence is your secret weapon when your staff needs to feel confident. Founded in 2001 by Dean Lincoln Hyers and Pete Machalek, we are the go-to company for firms throughout the Twin Cities and the country, specializing in the competitive AEC interview process. As the business has grown, we've welcomed a talented staff of consultants and facilitators—our "Sages"—who each add their strengths and expertise to the mix. 

Our unique approach, using story to reinforce brand and message, has proven highly effective in building sales and business relationships. SagePresence is noted for creating self-assurance by integrating our undeniable energy into any project.


Dean Hyers
Founder & Principal

Pete Machalek
Founder & Principal

Sarah Kesher

Troy Parkinson

Becky Lyons, Ph.D.

Shannon Murphy Robinson

Lisa Walden

Hannah Ubl

Tony Orange

Joanna Hoffschneider

Aaron Kesher