Leaders in presentation coaching and developing brand ambassadors

SagePresence is a recognized leader in helping companies leverage their brand story to help build sales and cultivate client relationships. Our mission—and truly our passion—is to empower people to understand and communicate their value in a compelling, persuasive way. To do that, we use a unique, proprietary approach to storytelling—part art, part science—that has been successfully applied by our clients to achieve more than $4 billion in sales over the past two decades. 

We work across the country helping clients with interview preparation, presentation coaching, message consulting and brand ambassadorship skills—all of which are tools to bring a brand story to life.

Whether our clients want presentation coaching for an upcoming high-stakes interview or seek to unlock the power of their employees as brand ambassadors, SagePresence’s team of highly experienced coaches and consultants help our client’s navigate the moments that matter.

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The SagePresence experience

SagePresence has earned the trust and respect of clients by helping them build the skills they need to be successful—getting noticed, thinking on their feet faster, generating rapport with clients and customers, and putting their best foot forward in the moments that matter most.

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s because our clients can be large or small. Local or global. Deadline-driven (“ACK! Interview in 5 days!”) or planning for a comprehensive, long-term strategy. We work to understand your unique situation and create a just-right, scalable approach that best fits your needs.  

At SagePresence, we build your employees’ confidence from the inside-out. We go beyond the basics of where to stand and making eye contact to foundational communication skills and value-based messaging. Our work has been designed by experienced learning professionals who use proven, highly interactive and adult-focused learning principles to help people retain content and get the most out of our courses.With these tools, we equip and empower your employees to be brand advocates, not just for today, but for years to come.

Our process is flexible and collaborative, creating an experience that drives the deep and lasting impact of your organization’s brand story.

How can we help you?

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