Blast from the Past: Dean Hyers Featured in Chex Quest Mini-Documentary

In a past life, Dean Hyers, Founder and Principal at SagePresence, was one of the driving forces behind the realization of the game Chex Quest—an award-winning video game, historic for being the first video game to be packaged in a cereal box. Just this month, General Mills released an update of the game, Chex Quest 3, and invited Dean to join a “mini-documentary” about what happened behind the scenes (hint: it was a bit touch and go at times!)

You can download Chex Quest 3 in all of its retro glory here and read more about the game here or here (and there are many more articles out there if you’re interested in becoming a Chex Quest scholar!).

And, of course, check out Dean in the mini-doc!

Sarah Kesher