What is Brand Ambassadorship? And Why Is It Critical to Your Business Success?

The word “brand” is having a moment. From curating a personal brand, to building a brand identity, to corporate brand logos and messaging, it can all be a little overwhelming. We’re here to clear up any confusion around the phrase “brand ambassadorship” and tell you why we think it’s the single most important thing your organization can do to invest in future growth.


So what do we mean when we talk about brand ambassadorship?

Brand ambassadors are people within your organization that embody your brand when interacting with clients, prospects, friends, and even family. Brand ambassadorship is about getting your employees to be your best advocates. As true brand ambassadors, they’re equipped to represent your organization and your services in the best possible light. They’re masters at communicating your value proposition in a clear, concise, and memorable way, and can effortlessly weave it into regular conversation.

Why are employees your brand’s best advocates?

Client proximity
Many companies have resorted to hiring professional brand ambassadors to increase the visibility of their brand. But, think about it -- in a professional services firm, who has the most exposure to current and prospective clients? It’s often the staff members engaged in the hands-on work. They’re the ones living by your company’s value proposition every day while working with clients, participating in the company’s culture, and using its products and services. Every interaction is an opportunity to be a brand ambassador, and demonstrate your organization’s unique value to your clients and potential clients.

Sheer numbers
Marketing departments spend countless hours crafting and disseminating targeted messages designed share your company’s story with the world. But what if every member of your team started telling that story wherever they go, resulting in mini-marketers far and wide. When you expand your efforts beyond the marketing and biz dev departments to include your staff, by sheer numbers alone, you’re increasing your opportunities for exposure exponentially.

Massive reach
Nowadays, individuals have a bigger platform (and louder megaphone) than ever before. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one social media account. People are turning to social media to research products and services, seeking “friendorsements,” which carry significant weight. Social Media Revolution found that 78% of consumers trust a social peer recommendation versus only 14% of consumers trusting advertisements. SocialToaster reported that the average social media user is connected to 400+ friends and family. And, when a friend or family makes a recommendation, it is 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase. When your employees become your brand ambassadors, you’re tapping into their networks of potential customers.

Is brand ambassadorship really that important?

Brand ambassadorship isn’t just an esoteric concept. It’s a tangible, real strategy that is driving growth in a powerful way. The more brand ambassadors you can equip within your walls, the more you’ll increase brand awareness in the community and expand the potential for connections that will lead to future sales. Training your employees to be powerful brand ambassadors is a one-time investment, unlike most pay-to-advertise outreach efforts. Overlooking the potential of your employees as brand ambassadors is quite simply a lost opportunity.

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