The 5 Critical Steps Most Brand Ambassadorship Efforts Miss

Many organizations go through the brand transition without bringing along the lifeblood of a firm–its people. If the people who work for the organization don’t know what to do with the new brand, the effort won’t get any traction.

As crucial as it is to educate people about your branding initiatives, true brand ambassadorship is not achieved solely by imparting knowledge. Your firm needs to engage everyone in your brand–walking it, talking it, living it, embodying it, presenting it, sharing it, and educating the world with it.

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Dean Hyers
Announcing Our 2019 SagePartner(s)

We are thrilled to announce this year’s finalist and two “runners up.” Drum roll, please!

Our SagePartner for 2019 is Volunteers of America—Minnesota and Wisconsin: helping people gain self-reliance, dignity and hope.

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Sarah Kesher