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Dean Lincoln Hyers
Founding Principal
Thought Leadership, Trainer, Coach

Strategic and bold, Dean shares ownership in your win, putting his head and heart in the game. Dean comes from a background in film, with career highlights including directing a feature film for Warner Brothers' Home Entertainment and teaching acting technique to US Covert Agents. Through these experiences Dean found his life’s work helping people find their presence under pressure and established SagePresence with his colleague Pete Machalek.

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Pete Machalek
Founding Principal
Business Development, Facilitator, Coach

A born facilitator, Pete expertly creates safe environments that align your team for action. Pete teaches concise, intentional communication, leveraging simple tools that transform fear to excitement. He believes in each person’s capacity to lead, to create messages that influence, and to shape the world. He founded SagePresence with collaborator Dean Hyers in 2001.

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Sarah Kesher
Principal & Chief Strategist
Consultant, Solution Design, Coach

Sarah pulls from her diverse background as a consultant, project manager, product developer, brand manager, and learning designer to provide a unique perspective to all of her client work. She possesses the ability to make connections across disciplines and has built her career around discovering root causes and developing creative strategies and solutions that everyone can feel proud of.

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Troy Parkinson
Business Development, Consultant, Facilitator

As a speaker and facilitator, Troy shares his down-to-earth approach with clients throughout the United States and internationally. In his 18 years in the film industry, he has produced television series for Discovery Health and the History Channel, in addition to bringing multi-million-dollar productions to Minnesota from HBO, Netflix, and Fox Searchlight Pictures.

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Malia Cole
Marketing, Facilitator, Coach

Malia is an expert storyteller, with a presentation style that is one part sound solution and one part infectious inspiration. In her more than 20 years of nonprofit business management experience, she has served as the communications/marketing manager for Twin Cities organizations such as the Minnesota Opera, the Ordway Center, and the Children’s Theater.

Becky Lyons, Ph.D.
Solution Design, Facilitator, Coach

Becky works with teams to reach new levels of excellence. She specializes in change management, organizational development, and learning in, and around, the healthcare industry. Becky has extensive experience in management/workforce training, continuous improvement methodologies, and strategic planning. 

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Aaron Kesher
Instructional Designer, Facilitator, Coach

As a certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, Aaron has centered his career on helping clients strategize and build skills to navigate the challenges of communication across differences. He is a featured author in several publications, including the Religion in the Workplace Toolkit, and has created a highly praised training course on leading and working across generational differences.


Tony Orange
Facilitator, Coach

A master speaker with over 25 years of experience, Tony has dynamically facilitated hundreds of trainings throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. He has conducted leadership training for many Fortune 100 companies and is dedicated to promoting healthy communication skills. His specialty is intercultural communication and conflict resolution.


Shannon Murphy Robinson
Facilitator, Coach

Shannon knows exactly what it takes to lead—what is required to take a message across lines, and across cultures, to successful execution. She is a highly sought after facilitator, with extensive experience training leaders to use effective communication to improve global performance. Shannon has created diversity/inclusion training initiatives for Deloitte, Cargill, and AT&T; co-founded BrainSkills@Work; and is a Harvard-certified NeuroBusiness coach. She is also the former vice-president of ProGroup, a Twin Cities diversity consultancy.


Abby Bonham
Facilitator, Coach

Abby is a professional actor and experienced trainer who specializes in cultivating individual and team potential with her engaging, welcoming approach. An action-orientated facilitator, Abby is driven by opportunities to make an impact. She leads clients through creative problem solving with a proven ability to develop inspired, yet pragmatic, solutions.