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SagePresence has you covered

At SagePresence, we help you empower your people to understand and communicate the story of your business and its brand. Whether opportunity is knocking or you’re building a foundation for the next big thing, SagePresence can help your people unlock the full potential of your brand when it matters most.

  • Short-listed for a high-stakes new business interview/pitch or presentation with a multi-million-dollar contract on the line?

  • Sweating that upcoming networking event with your firm’s dream client?

  • Struggling to align your team around a shared vision and engage them as brand ambassadors?

We believe your business has a competitive edge when you equip your people with the tools and techniques to be ambassadors of your brand and convey its value.

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 “SagePresence helped me tell my company’s story and win the job.” 


Find your story, then find ways to tell it

Your employees have an important opportunity to help tell the story of your brand and be a part of the sales process—at sales presentations, during dinner with a prospect, when interacting with clients on the job or on social media. Yet while we may expect employees to jump on the branding bandwagon, few have received specialized training or coaching to help them be effective and confident brand ambassadors.

That’s where our story begins. SagePresence has deep experience helping clients to find their compelling brand story, to identify memorable value propositions, and to differentiate the factors that set them apart. But it’s not enough to just get up and talk about value. Our expert coaches and consultants do more. They take you to the next level by helping your employees harness the power of storytelling. Using hands-on, proprietary methods, we teach effective, long-lasting methods to develop and deliver persuasive messages that engage audiences and leave a lasting impression.


Where does your story begin?

Ready to start a ripple of change in your brand’s story? Whether you need guidance for an upcoming high-stakes presentation or a long-term internal branding strategy, our team has decades of experience helping our clients grow their business by building and stewarding the power of their brands.

Wherever your story begins, we can help.


Feeling woefully unprepared for an upcoming sales presentation or interview?

Want to learn how to empower your team to tell your story?